I REALLY liked these oils and they are priced really well! This makes a great gift also! - Katie, Denver, CO


I bought this for my wife as a starter kit. The oils had a strong smell and worked well with her diffuser. The packaging was nice also. - Jeremy, Keller, TX


Very nice set of essential oils in a strong box. Love the smell of these. Kudos for strong packaging that keeps the bottles safe in shipping! This is a high quality product in great packaging. - Philip, FL


Great product! Good price and good quality! - Jennifer, Spring Valley, NV


Beautiful packaging and great set of oils. If you use essential oils on a regular basis, this is a great way to get popular oils at an affordable price. - Allison, Columbus, OH


There are really good things about this product. First, the delivery of the oils was fast! Second, the packaging is very nice. The oils come in a nice box. The best part is using them. These oils have a fantastic aroma. Very comforting. Uplifting. The first one I tried was the orange because I love the smell of orange. Within minutes that oil lit up the house with the most enjoyable orange fragrance. I've used all 4. I am not disappointed! All of the oils smell really good. This may seem unimportant, but I have purchased oils in the past. One of the things I don't like is when you take the cap off, there is a plastic cap under the main cap that you have to try to pry off to get to the oil. I was so happy to see that these oils were easy. Just take the cap off, and there is no plastic cap under the main cap! One cap taken off and the oil is ready to use. Love it! This is a great product. Very reasonably priced. These would make a great gift for Christmas under the tree or in a stocking. I will be purchasing these oils again. - Juanita, Weymouth, MA


I am very impressed with everything about this product from the packaging, to the price and the 4 different scents. I found a place in less than 2 minutes for every single one of them in my home. They smell perfect for me. Not too strong and not too weak. My favorite is the lemon and orange. So happy I bought them. I think they make great stocking stuffers and modest gifts for someone. - Lynda, San Jose, CA

Love these essential oils! I use them in my mister and love walking into my room and being surrounded by their essence! I will definitely be ordering these again! - Teri, CA

Essential Oil

I am a wax melt and candle lover. I tried these oils and was pleasantly surprised by their mellow fragrance. The package was sturdy and attractive. This would make a great gift. - Rene, Campbell, CA

These essential oils fill my home with an incredible long lasting scent. Next I'm going to add to my bath water as a stress reliever. - Susan, Quincy, MA

I received this wonderful and delicious scenting Essential Oil as a gift and been using them on body and bath body mist and I am IN LOVE! So I decided to reorder them again, and based on the reasonable price I think I will also re-oreder some for my sisters for the holiday. - Daniela, F